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Day Habilitation Program

Our program is designed to enhance the lives of our participants. The activities are engaging and focused on increasing skills and confidence. Social skills and communication are enhanced through group sessions and games. Daily living activities are integrated into our day to maximize their independence. Community outings are fun and increase community inclusion.

Our program services is approved & funded by NJ DDD/Medicaid



Independent Living Skills

Adulthood brings on new responsibilities. As a result, it requires the development of new skills around the home such as daily chores, cooking, and cleaning. Our program is designed to empower our participants to navigate those tasks and live more independently. 

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Social Skills Training

Socialization is a basic skill needed to create and maintain relationships. We therefore incorporate social skills in our activities throughout the day, such as interpersonal skills, social problem-solving, and active listening. 

Math Skills & Money Management

Money management is essential to daily living. Our mini grocery store provides our participants with an exciting hands-on experience handling money, saving up for snacks they want, budgeting, and providing the correct change. It also prepares them for in-store shopping. 

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Self-Advocacy Training

Self Advocacy Training is designed to empower participants to identify and communicate personal strengths, interests, abilities, and needs. Most of all, it builds their confidence to act and make decisions based on their wants and needs.

Physical Fitness

At Hearten, we get moving - dancing & yoga classes, and organized sports and activities such as basketball, soccer, swimming, hiking, and nature walks. Our goal is to incorporate health & fitness into participants' daily schedules. 

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Recreational Activities

Recreation and leisure activities include local events, and festivals, sporting events, museums, parks, and beaches. In house leisure, includes painting classes, gaming and relaxation. We ensure all participants are occupied throughout the day with activities they meet their interests. 

Vocational Training

Vocational skills are a step towards employment. It helps build the essential skills needed in the workplace. Woking at local soup kitchens or other work sites also boosts the confidence and sense of purpose for the volunteers. 

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Community Based Instructions

Community-Based Instructions are put into play in the community. Participants get to apply the skills they learned and practiced in the day program in real life. Shopping expeditions and trips to local restaurants enable them to shop, manage money, and order from a menu in community settings. 

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